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Laurentiu Fratila - Customer operations supervisor
Born in Romanian’s capital city of Bucharest in 1970 and I was always a keen sportsman performing in national kayak team of Romania. I have been leading trekking and climbing tours holidays for different groups in Europe (including Romania), Africa and South America. Since 2003 I have been organizing corporate events such as teambuilding for different companies on Romanian market.
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Stefan Alecse - Event coordinator
I have always loved the outdoors and began exploring the mountains of Asia and cycling as a boy. Since then, I have travelled throughout Europe and Asia, climbing, trekking, and biking. I started my work as a Tour Leader 2 years ago in Romania, and I am passionate about it.  I have guided more than 30 groups in the mountains and Danube Delta either.  Whether it is snorkelling with sharks and eagle rays or appreciating the landscapes and cultures, VacationRomania gives people fantastic opportunities.
Adina Karaeva - One of our local guides from Bulgaria
To travel the world, rucksack on back, living day-to-day, never quite able to anticipate what experiences the day will bring. To see sights that you never imagined could be so beautiful, to speak to people that you may never have met otherwise and to share these experiences with others are just some of the reasons why I’m still so passionate about what I do.
Mihaela Alecse - Event Coordinator
I think life it's about being amazed: by people remaining or only passing through your life, by places no one passed by or people are passing through for hundreds or thousands of years, by each day you discover small things, or things beyond imagination, by the adventure of living each day with a smile on your face. In 2008 I started as a participant to an activity group and I felt like this is one of the adventures I want to live again and again. I became a member of a great team, dynamic and surprising each day, who's having no frontiers when it comes to having fun. As for me, I'm organizing events having in mind only one purpose: to amaze you!
Robert Sarbu - Customer Operations
Robert’s passion for travel started young, when he first began to visit different regions of his native Romania, he was already planning something on a bigger scale and, as he’s always been keen on trekking and rock climbing, the Himalayas were the natural choice. That trip took Robert through Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and Mt Kenya Africa, trekking, rock climbing and having the best time of his life so far! Since joining VacationRomania in 2012, Robert still dreams about visiting every corner of the globe, finding new challenges, unspoilt mountain ranges and unclimbed rocks!
Vlad Margaritescu - Customer Operations
With gap years before and after university, Vlad knew life behind a desk was not an option, so to delay the inevitable as long as possible, he has been involving in organizing outdoor team building activities for 7 years, mostly as a extreme sports activities coordinator in ActPlusEvents. These days (when not sitting behind an desk) he's most at home on a mountain bike, climbing or swimming in cold water mountain.
Ioana Panoiu - Customer Operations
Ioana's love of travel started when she went inter railing around Europe as a young student - whetting her appetite to explore new destinations and cultures. Over the years her travels have taken her to a diversity of amazing countries such as trekking Mont Blanc circuit in France, climbing on steep ridges of Matterhorn or exploring caves secrets.
Anca Margaritescu - Customer Operations
An impromptu gap year prior to university initially instilled a passion for travel in Anca. In her subsequent summers she continued her exploration, which led to a passion for discovering the world by bike. She has followed the Danube, cycled the rolling country-side of Western Romania and ascended the high passes of the famous Transalpina road in Romania. Her travels, and particularly her love of cycling, led her to seek a job in adventure travel, this brought her to VacationRomania where she has been fortunate to work in the Customer Operations team.
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