Bran Castle We welcome you to share with us the year 2012, at Bran Castle. You will enjoy seeing the Castle and feeling its spirit. Your imagination will kindle dreams of myths and reality that are part of the Castle’s legend, like Prince Dracula that enshrouds the region in mystery and the romantic Queen Marie, who made the fortress a fairytale Castle. Corvin Castle Hunyad Castle was built by King Charles I of Hungary, after his visit in Temesvár (Timisoara),  Kingdom of Hungary(now Romania), in 1307. The King decided to set up residence there. The building, probably built by Italian builders, was finished in 1315 and in 1316 the King was already established in the new castle, where he lived almost eight years.... Savarsin Royal Castle The Royal castle of Savarsin, near Arad,  Transylvania, is the country seat of King Michael I of Romania.,_Arad Peles Castle The Peleş Castle was built at the initiative of King Charles I of Romania, outside the commune Podul Neagului that covered an area of 24 km in 1874, which received the name of Sinaia at the initiative of the sovereign. A year later, the first houses were built in the city centre. In 1876, it the construction of the railway from Ploieşti to Predeal began, which passed through Sinaia. Simultaneously, between 1873 and 1875, the foundation of the Peleş Castle was built. This led to a ceremony that took place on 10/22 August 1875. Sighisoara The castle and the town were founded in the mieddle age. In the year of 1280 the town appears as „ Castrum sex”, only later in 1435 was given even now used name „Sighisoara”. Cetatea Rasnov Rasnov castle is an impressive medieval fortress that dominates the surrounding area and the e ponymous Romanian city of its hill. The fortress was built sometimein the 13th century and its main purpose was to protect the local population and that in the surrounding villages. Ceteatea Neamtului Cetatea Brasovului Cetatea Devei
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