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General Information There is an underlying threat from terrorism. Attacks, although unlikely, could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. Most visits to Romania are trouble-free. If you need to contact the emergency services in Romania call 112. You should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling.  Security Maintain the same level of personal security awareness as in the rest of Europe.We are aware of thefts of valuables including passports from hotel rooms.The Romanian authorities treat all drug-related or sex offences very seriously (the age of consent is 18). Custodial sentences can be expected for any foreigners convicted of such offences. Natural disasters Earthquakes are not uncommon in southern and south-western Romania and small tremors are recorded throughout the year without consequences. The last earthquake, registered at 5.8, with its epicentre in the Black Sea, occurred on 05 August 2009, but there were no casualties or significant damage. General - Emergency services The telephone number for all of Romania's emergency services is 112. They have English speaking operators.   General - Customs Regulations If you travel within the European Union (EU) you can bring an unlimited amount of most goods. For example, you can bring in any alcohol, tobacco, meat and dairy products - as long as they are for your own use and transported by you. If you are bringing in alcohol and tobacco goods and the Customs officer may have reason to suspect they may be for a commercial purpose, an officer may ask you questions and make checks. General - Money Any person entering or leaving the EU will have to declare the cash that they are carrying if this amounts to 10,000 Euros or more; this includes cheques, travellers’ cheques, money orders, etc. This will not apply to anyone travelling via the EU to a non-EU country, as long as the original journey started outside of the EU, nor to those travelling within the EU. Romania is largely a cash economy. While an increasing number of businesses do accept credit cards, use cash due to the risk of credit card fraud. There is now a large network of ATMs that accept standard international credit and debit cards. Check with your UK bank/card provider whether you will be able to use these machines to draw out local currency.
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