Trekking in Romania
Romania is the perfect place for all types of hiking and trekking. You can cross high or small mountains, plateau, hills or Danube Delta. A great variety of paths, many with tourist marks, cover the important mountains areas in Romania. In your trip in Romanian Mountains is better to take your tent with you, also I recommend to walk in groups and to use good maps or, better, the company of an experienced leader  Hiking is a great way to enjoy Romania’s landscape, and with more than 400 parks and nature reservations, there’s plenty of choice. In the western Carpathians, the volcanic Vladeasa mountain ridge, and the caves and canyons of Padis are all accessible in one hike. There are numerous trails from gentle to challenging through terrain with a great variety of flora and fauna. During Spring, the wild crocuses turn the higher meadows purple, and the possibility of spotting a brown bear is at its highest. From gorges and lakes to extraordinary views, the hiking trails of Romania offer a great range of memorable walks.
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